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Dysport in Miami, FL

Wrinkles around the eyes and forehead can leave you feeling older and less attractive than you would like. Fortunately, Dysport® is available to help smooth lines and wrinkles, leaving you with a revived and rejuvenated look. Our office is convenient for residents of Miami, Homestead, and the surrounding South Florida communities. Learn more about how Dysport® can help you.


Dysport® is an FDA-approved, botulinum-A toxin that is used as an injectable to address lines between the eyebrow. Similar to Botox®, Dysport® works by relaxing the facial muscles to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and prevent new lines from forming. This injection is convenient and effective for a wide range of patients.


At Optimal Health & Skin, we value each patient’s unique needs. As a result, we calculate our procedure prices on an individual basis to ensure that you receive the exact services you require. You can expect your individualized cost to be calculated at the time of your consultation.

Our team understands that cosmetic dermatology procedures such as Dysport® are typically not covered by insurance. In an effort to make our services more accessible to all of our patients, we gladly accept a wide range of payment options, including financing through CareCredit®. Should you have any questions, we are happy to speak with you regarding your preferred payment method at the time of your consultation.


As with any injectable, you can expect the procedure to be straightforward and hassle-free. Although many patients do not find a Dysport® injection uncomfortable, if you are concerned about experiencing any pain, a topical numbing agent is available. Your injection will be inserted in no more than 30 minutes, at which point you are free to resume your normal daily activities.

Dysport® requires absolutely no downtime and side effects are minimal. The result* will be apparent immediately and will improve over time. Although the length of results* will vary depending on the individual, many patients schedule a maintenance appointment every three to four months in order to maintain their revived look.


Every patient will make an individual choice as to why Dysport® feels appropriate to them. However, the main benefits* of this procedure include:

  • Efficient appointment
  • Zero required downtime
  • Immediate visible improvement
  • Convenient maintenance


If you are struggling with lines between the eyebrows and are seeking a solution to help you look and feel younger, Dysport® could be the solution for you. Of course, the best way to determine your candidacy for this procedure is to schedule a consultation. This will provide you with ample time to discuss your aesthetic concerns and work with our team to create a plan for how to move forward.

*Individual results may vary.

At Optimal Health & Skin, we work with each of our patients to create a customized treatment plan that will help them achieve their personal cosmetic goals. If you have concerns over the lines and wrinkles on your forehead, Dysport® may be able to help. Our office is conveniently located for residents of Miami, Homestead, and the surrounding South Florida communities. If you have questions and are ready to learn more, do not hesitate to contact us today.